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Questions to Ask before you buy a home

What is a C.L.U.E. Report?

C.L.U.E.® Home Seller’s Disclosure Report

More home buyers, concerned about possible previous insurance losses experienced at a property they are considering, are requiring home sellers to provide a C.L.U.E.® report as a contingency to a purchase offer.

A C.L.U.E.® Home Seller’s Disclosure Report is an independent source of information about insurance losses at your home address within the past five years. If your home has not experienced a loss within the past 5 years, the report can provide comfort to a potential buyer. When there are no losses are associated with a property the report would state that no losses were found for the address shown.

Unlike other loss history reports, the C.L.U.E.® Home Seller’s Disclosure Report does not display information that a home seller may wish to keep private, such as Name, Social Security Number and Date of Birth.

It is available immediately via online delivery for your primary address or by mail for other properties you own.

C.L.U.E.® Home Seller’s Disclosure Report

DESCRIPTION: The C.L.U.E.® Home Seller’s Disclosure Report will include for any listed loss: date of loss, loss type, status, amount paid, policy type and insurance company name.

How do you avoid buyer’s remorse?

Well first, what is buyer’s remorse? 86% of buyers surveyed experience at least some level of buyer’s remorse after they move into their home. Some remorse is caused by learning rules of the neighborhood, learning about their neighbors, learning that someone died in the home, learning that their financing was not the best that they could have gotten, and mainly learning about a defect or repair in the home that they were not aware of. The only process that can remove remorse is a complete and thorough investigation. The investigation is not hard, it just has to be done in rhythm and pace that is spelled out before you find the home that you want to buy. Hire Us (no charge to you – the seller pays our commission).

Why have a Owners Policy of Title Insurance ?

Title insurance was established to protect owners and lenders against the hidden hazards of real estate ownership: forgeries; faulty surveys; hidden liens; conveyances by a minor or mentally incompetent person; the false representation of a married person as being single; and many other title defects. Even the most complete search of records may not reveal them all. Hidden hazards can arise after closing, resulting in unpleasant and costly surprises. The title insurer will pay for defending against an attack on the title as insured and will either perfect the title or pay valid claims. Your home, investment property, or new office building is typically the largest single investment you will ever make and you will need to protect your equity by purchasing an Owner’s Policy. The premium for title insurance is completely different than casualty insurance. The Owner’s Policy is paid with a one-time premium, typically paid at Closing. An Owner’s Title Insurance Policy will last well past the point in which you sell the Property in the event a subsequent Purchaser challenges the marketability of your title and the deed you provided.

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